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In 1920 Chrysler teamed up with three engineers, Fred Zeder, Owen Skelton and Carl Breer, to design a revolutionary new car. They defined what the products of the Chrysler brand would be affordable "luxury"" vehicles known for innovative, top-flight engineering.The first was the 1924 Chrysler Six with a light, powerful, high-compression six-cylinder engine and the first time four-wheel hydraulic brakes were standard on a passenger car. The well-equipped Chrysler Six also featured aluminum pistons, replaceable oil and air filters, full-pressure lubrication, tubular front axles, shock absorbers and indirect interior lighting.Within a decade of its founding, Chrysler Corporation's leadership in innovation had earned for it the label of Detroit's ""engineering company."" Chrysler came with the new development, thelegendary HEMI® combined better combustion, higher compression and lower heat loss to create much more horsepower than previous V-8s. The 27-year campaign to apply an aircraft engine turbine's smooth power and low maintenance requirements to automobiles became part of the Chrysler brand's folklore.The 1957 Chrysler brand standard-bearer, the 300C, was equipped with a standard 392-cubic-inch, 375-horsepower HEMI, two four-barrel carburetors, a high-output camshaft, Torsion-Aire suspension and the new Torqueflite transmission, making it the fastest, most powerful production car built in America.The company's engineering ""firsts"" from this era include the first ""safety cushion dashboard,"" the famous Chrysler push-button transmission (which became an icon of the '50s), power steering, torsion-bar suspension and the first practical alternator (introduced in 1960, it proved so successful it became standard equipment just one year later).The 1963 Chrysler 300-J maintained the brand's style-plus-speed image with standard leather interiors, heavy-duty torsion bars and Ram induction manifolds, a special-edition Pace Setter convertible version started the Indianapolis 500.With its Jaguar-like front end, formal roofline and one-of-a-kind rectangular taillamps, it became one of the era's most memorable. In 1984 introduced the minivan.In the late 1980s, new leadership at Chrysler, determined to return the brand to its roots of engineering and design excellence, decided to create an entirely new line of ""Euro-Japanese-ethic"" cars - and developed platform teams to get the job done quickly and affordably. The new product philosophy was reflected in the development of concept cars like the 1988 Portofino and the 1989 Millennium.Chrysler's renaissance began in earnest with the mid-size 1993 Concorde sedan, which was quickly followed by the full-size LHS and Chrysler 300M, the smaller Cirrus sedan, the companion Sebring luxury sports coupe and the separate Sebring convertible, and the next-generation Town & Country minivan. It was launched in 2005, the stunning 300C turned the eyes of the automotive world back to Detroit. Chrysler Group invested nearly a billion dollars into the Sterling Heights, Michigan manufacturing plant for the production of the All-New 2015 Chrysler 200. Redesigned from the ground up, the All-New 2015 Chrysler 200 debuted in January 2014, which has a segment-first nine-speed automatic transmission. The Chrysler won several awards e.g. the eyes on design award for design excellence inthe production truck category, has achieved a 5-star overall crash safety rating, was on the Wardsauto list of 10 best interiors, was named an IIHS top safety pick, when equipped with optional front crash prevention. Among the technological innovations exceedreplaceable element oil filter, the hydraulic four-wheel disc brakes, the rubber engine mounts, the electric windshield wipers, the ignition key starting and the resistor spark plugs."
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