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Citroen The history of

In 1919 André Citroën set out on an adventure with his eponymous brand. The Type A, Citroën's first vehicle, was launched with an original advert. In just one year on the market, Citroën sells 10,000 vehicles. In 1922 introdeced the Citroën 5HP at the Paris Motor Show. In 1926 Citroën presented the B14, a mass-market car with luxury features and the brand also presented the B15, the first french commercial vehicle with a closed cab. In 1928 Citroën presented two new models: the C4 and the C6, at the Paris Motor Show. In 1929 Citroën launched the C61, France's first high-speed truck, with an all-steel enclosed cabin. The family version of the C4 loses 7cm, and gains a new carburettor, gearbox and clutch to became the C4F.In 1932 the 8CV, 10CV and 15CV models are presented at the Paris Motor Show. In 1934 another front-wheel drive model is presented at the Paris Motor Show: the 11. It featured a 46 bhp and three-speed gearbox for a top speed of 66mph. In 1936 Citroën presented the 11 MI diesel at the Paris Motor Show - a world first for a passenger car. In 1939 Citroën launched the TUB (Transport Utilitaire série B) commercial vehicle. In 1946 At the Paris Motor Show in October, Citroën presented three models: the 11 B, known as 11 Normale, the 11 BL or 11 Légère (light) and the 15-SixG. In 1959 an ID 19 won the Monte-Carlo Rally with Coltelloni-Alexandre and Desrosiers. In 1960 at the Paris Motor Show, Citroën presented the DS 19 Cabriolet. In 1964 Citroën presented the DS 19 Pallas, an even more sophisticated car with particular emphasis on interior trim and finish. In 1969 Citroën left the competition behind once again with the arrival of the DS 21, the first French production model to feature electronic injection (12 bhp, 188kph and 10 litres per 100km). In 1975 the CX picked up several awards: "Car of the Year"", ""Safety Prize"" and ""Award Style Auto"". In 1979 Citroën launched the Méhari 4x4, featuring a seven-speed gearbox (four normal and three transfer), plus a reverse gear with a reducer. These new vehicles featured full electronic ignition, a world first on production cars. In 1984 the CX 25 GTi Turbo: a2,500cm3 turbocharged engine with electronic injection, 168 bhp and 220kph. From 1984, all Citroën vehicles came with a five-year anti-corrosion warranty. In 1992 Citela, an electric prototype by Citroën, was one of the main attractions in the French pavilion at the Universal Exposition of Seville. In 1994 presented at the Paris Motor Show, the Xantia Activa was the first car to take corners on the level. In 1998 Citroën turned its sights on the future with the C3 Lumière concept car.Citroën was recognized in the 1999 Car of the Century competition as producing the third most influential car of the 20th century, the Citroën DS, which trailed only the Ford Model T and BMC Mini. Citroën has produced three winners of the 50-year-old European Car of the Year award, and many rated second or third place. In 2003 Citroën confirmed its plans at the Frankfurt Motor Show by presenting the C2, a compact three-door hatchback that could carry four people. The next year At the Paris Motor Show, Citroën presented: the C4 hatchback and coupé, the new C5 and C5 estate, and the C3 Stop & Start, an innovation designed to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In 2005 arrived the concept car C-Sportlounge. In 2006 Citroën launched the Grand C4 Picasso. Citroën displayed a new concept-car the C-Métisse. In 2010 Citroën presented Survolt at the Geneva Motor Show. The following yearCitroen unveiled their new dynamic concept car CXPERIENCE at the Paris Motor Show."
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