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Masujiro Hashimoto founded the Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works ,1 July 1911, Japan's first automobile manufacturer. In 1914, the company produced its first car, called DAT. In 1926 the Tokyo-based DAT Motors merged with the Osaka-based Jitsuyo Jidosha Co., Ltd. Jitsuyō Jidōsha Seizō Kabushiki-Gaisha) a.k.a. Jitsuyo Jidosha Seizo (established 1919 as a Kubota subsidiary) to become DAT Jidosha Seizo Co., Ltd Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. DAT Jidōsha Seizō Kabushiki-Gaisha) in Osaka until 1932. From 1923 to 1925, the company produced light cars and trucks under the name of Lila. In 1931 DAT came out with a new smaller car, called the Datsun Type 11, the first "Datson"", meaning ""Son of DAT"". In 1928, Yoshisuke Aikawa founded the holding company Nihon Sangyo. The name 'Nissan' originated during the 1930s as an abbreviation used on the Tokyo Stock Exchange for Nihon Sangyo. This company was the famous Nissan ""Zaibatsu"" which included Tobata Casting and Hitachi. In 1931, DAT Jidosha Seizo became affiliated with Tobata Casting, and was merged into Tobata Casting in 1933. As Tobata Casting was a Nissan company, this was the beginning of Nissan's automobile manufacturing. In 1935, the first car manufactured by an integrated assembly system rolled off the line at the Yokohama plant. Nissan built trucks, airplanes, and engines for the Imperial Japanese Army. Nissan continued to improve their sedans with the latest technological advancements and chic Italianate styling in sporty cars such as the Datsun Fairlady roadsters, the race-winning 411 series, the Datsun 510 and the world-class Datsun 240Z. In 1960 Nissan won the 10th Annual Deming Prize for excellence in industrial engineering. Nissan leveraged the Austin patents to further develop their own modern engine designs past what the Austin's A- and B-family designs offered. In 1967, Nissan introduced its new highly advanced four cylinder overhead cam (OHC) Nissan L engine, which while similar to Mercedes-Benz OHC designs was a totally new engine designed by Nissan. This engine powered the new Datsun 510, which gained Nissan respect in the worldwide sedan market. Then, in 1969 Nissan introduced the Datsun 240Z sports car which used a six-cylinder variation of the L series engine. The 240Z was an immediate sensation and lifted Nissan to world class status in the automobile market. In 1988 the Silvia won the ’88-’89 Japanese Car of the Year Award. In 1999 the Cedric/Gloria won „RJC New Car of the Year” award and the Extroid CVT got the „Technology of the Year” award. Nissan's initial assembly plant, in Smyrna, Tennessee (which broke ground in 1980), at first built only trucks such as the 720 and Hardbody, but has since expanded to produce several car and SUV lines, including the Altima, Maxima, Xterra, Pathfinder and LEAF all-electric car.In 2001, Nissan established a manufacturing plant in Brazil.Nissan sold nearly 520,000 new vehicles in China in 2009 in a joint venture with Dongfeng Motor. To meet increased production targets, Dongfeng-Nissan expanded its production base in Guangzhou, which would become Nissan's largest factory around the globe in terms of production capacity In 2008 Nissan GT-R won „Car of the Year” Japan’s most advanced technology award. In 2010 Nissan and Sumitomo estabilished joint research company for promotion of „4R Energy” business. The following year Nissan introduced the New Dual Injector System for improved fuel efficiency in gasoline engines. In 2014 Nissan cars produced by Renault-Samsung in South Korea. This production started with 80,000 Nissan Rogue/X-Trail produced by Renault-Samsung Busan factory in South Korea, instead of being produced by Nissan in Japan. Among the technological innovations exceed the New Chassis Control, the Emergency Assist for pedal misapplication, the Blind Spot Warning and the Lane Departure Warning."
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