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Opel The history of

In 1982 Adam Opel went into in his hometown of Rüsselsheim, he builded hus first sewing machine, laying the foundation for the Opel company. “Opel Patent Motor Car, System Lutzmann” was the name given to the first Opel automobile. It marked the beginning of production in Rüsselsheim, and formed the basis for building the first utility vehicles.In 1901 Opel builtthe first motorcycle. In 1903 Opel developed the first four-cylinder engine, with 20/24 hp output. Opel introduced an affordable compact car. The 4 kW (8 hp) two-seater, designed for customers who place great importance on dependability, became known as the „Doktorwagen” (Doctor’s Car). With a 6/16 hp model, Opel adopted the new “torpedo” body form. In addition, Opel responded to technological developments, filled new market gaps: the carmaker developedthe first aircraft engine, which drived the Euler biplane. At the same time, the company built a heavy-duty motorized plow for large farms. In 1921 Opel built an eight-cylinder engine, which proves itself in a number of races, notably in the Eifel race of 1922. General Motors acquired 80 % of shares in the company Adam Opel AG. During the same year, Fritz von Opel made the world’s first manned rocket flight, in his RAK 1 Friedrich rocket aircraft at the former Frankfurt Airport, the Rebstock grounds. In 1935 Opel unveiled the Olympia, Germany’s first mass-produced car with an all-steel integral body and frame. Advantages: low weight, greater passive safety and improved aerodynamics. In 1938 a new generation of the Olimpia appeared onthe market. The first Opel Kapitän is presented to the public. Opel introduced a Kapitän with a 2,6 liter engine, soon to become the most successful luxury-class model ever built in Rüsselsheim. In 1964 Opel unveiled three new luxury models:Kapitän, Admiral and Diplomat. In 1970 the mid-class model Ascona A and the sporty Manta A born. A few years later the Commodore B, the Kadett C introduced. In 1978 two new stars entered the big leagues of the automobile market: the luxurious four-door Senator and the sporty fastback coupe Monza. The top-of-the-line power unit for both models was a newly developed three-liter six-cylinder engine with an output of 180 hp. The engineering study Tech 1 demonstrated Opel’s pioneering roled in the field of aerodynamics: the experimental vehicle achieved a drag coefficient of 0.235, setting a world record. In 1986 the Opel Omega made debut, boasting the best drag coefficient in its class, at 0.28. The Omega is elected Car of the Year. In 1989 Opel introduced catalytic converter as standard equipment in all models, the first among European car manufacturers. Opel became the first automaker to implement a recycling chain for plastics. The move reflected the company’s commitment to environmentally friendly technology. In 1993 the second-generation Corsa arrived. With the new Vectra, Opel became the first major auto manufacturer worldwide to introduced the Pedal Release System and the hybrid airbbag. From 2000 the 2.2 liter light-metal engine, generating 147 hp/108 kW of output, becameavailable. The Astra Coupe debuted. In 2004 the Opel Astra entered it’s third generation. The Tigra TwinTwop and Astra station wagon are introduced to the market. In 2005 journalisted from 26 countries name the 1.3 CDTI ECOTEC powerplant „Engine of the year 2005” in the segment of 1.0 to 1.4 liters displacement. In 2006 was world premiere of fourth-generation Corsa at the British International Motor Show in London. In 2007 was the second world premiere of the concept car Opel Flextreme at IAA, car marked a milestone in the development of a new propulsion concept. With the completely new, environmetally friendly E-Flex system, commuters could travel up to 55 kilometre every day while emitting no CO2 emissions. In 2008 Opel’s new top model the insignia debuted at the London International Motor Show, shortly afterwards it’s named Car of the Year 2009 for it’s style and it’s innovation, safety and comfort. In 2010 at the Plus X Award, the world’s largest contest for technologies, sport and lifestyle products the new editions of the Astra and Meriva won a total of seven categories. Opel is named „Most Innovative Brand 2010” inthe automotive sector. In 2012 Opel expanded it’s range with the brand new sub-compact SUV Mokka, which delivered attractive design with innovative technologes and upmarket functionalities. In 2014 the new Vivaro range was introduced at the Birmingham International Commercial Vehicle Show in April. Simultaneously the new Movano also made debut. In September the dynamic, extremely versatile, Opel Vivaro Combi was launched at the IAA commercial vehicle show in Hanover.
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