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Seat The history of

The Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo, S.A. is founded in 1950, with the aim of motorising Spain.The first SEAT car, a 1400 model, is manufactured there in 1953. Production on the SEAT 600 model startedin 1957. In 1963 the “aristocratic” 1500 model replaced the 1400 in the luxury segment. A few years later the 124 model is launched, a roomy saloon car with an innovative engine and a level of comfort beyond anything SEAT has done before. In the early 70’s two new models are launched: the 132 saloon to replace the 1500 model, and the 1430 Special 1600 model. In 1976 the 3,000,000th SEAT car is produced: it is a 4-door model of the 127. The 128 model is launched and marketed as "Three Times SEAT"", to highlight its sportiness, versatility and design. In 1979 the SEAT Ritmo is presented: an innovative, multi-purpose vehicle that establishes the guidelines of what the SEAT design pattern will be during the next decade. In 1980 the SEAT Panda is launched in 1980 and rapidly becomes the most fashionable utilitarian car in Spain: its interior is simple and practical and features removable seat covers, making them easy to wash. In 1984 the first SEAT Ibiza model leaves the Zona Franca assembly lines on April 27th. In 1985 the SEAT Malaga is launched as the sedan-version of the Ronda, with its outstanding boot capacity as one of its key selling points. SEAT's motorsport branch, SEAT Sport, is founded. In 1986 Volkswagen purchased 51% of SEAT’s shares in June and, by the end of the year, increased its ownership to 75%. Three years later construction began on the Martorell plant. In 1990 Volkswagen acquired up to 99.99% of SEAT’s shares, and the name Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo, S.A. is changed to SEAT, S.A. The next year the SEAT Toledo, the first SEAT model developed within the Volkswagen Group, is presented at the Barcelona Motor Show. SEAT unveiled its new corporate identity: blue and white are replaced with red and silver. In 1999 the new SEAT Leon arrived. It is the first SEAT with a 180 hp engine, a six-speed gearbox and four-wheel drive In 2000 the SEAT Salsa concept car is unveiled. In 2005 the new Leon is unveiled at the Barcelona Motor Show together with its race competition version, the SEAT Leon WTCC. Three years later SEAT presents the Exeo, the first SEAT limousine in the B segment, at its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show. In 2013 two new cars are launched: the SEAT Ibiza Cupra and the Leon SC. Two years later At the Geneva Motor Show, SEAT introduced the Leon ST CUPRA and its first SUV concept car: the 20V20. In 2016 At the Geneva International Motor Show, SEAT unveiled its first SUV: the SEAT ATECA. Among the technological innovations exceed the full LED headlights, autopilot in the satellite navigation, Bluetooth technology and the 1.2 TSI 110PS engine."
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