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Toyota Motor Co. was established as an independent and separate company in 1937.During theWorld War II the company was dedicated to truck production for the Imperial Japanese Army.Commercial passenger car production started in 1947 with the model SA.The company was on the brink of bankruptcy by the end of 1949, but the company eventually obtained a loan from a consortium of banks which stipulated an independent sales operation and elimination of "excess manpower"". Model SA compact passanger car production commenced in 1947. In 1950, a separate sales company, Toyota Motor Sales Co., was established. In 1953 estabilished the Company slogen „Good thinking, good products”. Toyopet Lawn launched in 1955. In April 1956, the Toyopet dealer chain was established. In 1957, the Crown became the first Japanese car to be exported to the United States. In 1957 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. estabilished and the next year also in Brazil. Toyota began to expand in the 1960s with a new research and development facility, a presence in Thailand was established, the 10 millionth model was produced and partnerships with Hino Motors and Daihatsu were also established. In ’60s launched the Publica and Corona RT40. The first Toyota built outside Japan was in April 1963, at Melbourne, Australia. From 1963 until 1965, Australia was Toyota's biggest export market. By the end of the decade, Toyota had established a worldwide presence, as the company had exported its one-millionth unit. In 1965 won the Deming Application Prize. Toyota 200 Gt launched in 1967. The first Japanese vehicles to arrive in North America were five Land Cruisers in El Salvador in May 1953.In 1970 won the Japan Quality Control Award. In 1989 manufactured the Lexus LS400. In 1994 opened the Toyota Commerative Museum of Industry and Technology. The years later debuted the Prius and the Vitz. In 1998 commenced the Operation at Tianjin Toyota Motor Engine Co., Ltd. In 1999 Commulsive production in Japan reached 100 Million vehicles. In 2004 released the partner robots. Hliux VIGO, the first IMV project model launched in Thailand. In 2009 launched the LFA. In 2012 75th anniversary of TMC’s foundation marked. Among the technological innovations exceed the Intelligent Transport System, the Integrated Three Part Initiative and the Integrated Safety Concept."
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